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Website Analytics

Website Analytics for Small Business

A high functioning and appealing website is crucial for any business today. 
An unattractive B2C website can give the user a poor first impression and can damage brand equity.  A B2B lead gen website which does a poor job of generating leads is a waste of money. 
No matter your Google Analytics expertise, FineTuned can help. 
Whether you want a onetime audit to see where leads are coming from and where/why customers are leaving the site before making a purchase, or you’d prefer ongoing analytics reporting to measure your website and digital campaign performance, we can help.

Collect the Data

Review data collection tools, implement tracking scripts where necessary, test the integrations, and setup dashboards around the important metrics for your business. 

Optimize the Website

Use the data to make informed decisions.  Update copy, buttons, website organization, and more to make sure your customers are finding what they're looking for. 

Follow the Money

Use the data to learn which marketing and sales tactics are driving revenue, and adjust strategy accordingly to drive sales. 

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