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FineTuned Strategies is a boutique digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn, NY.
We're focused on helping small businesses grow using the digital tools of today, from your desktop to your mobile. Whether your business is a B2B service with a focus on lead generation, or an eCommerce company focused on transactions, we can help.

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Our Approach

At FineTuned, we know strategy and planning upfront is the most important step of any digital campaign.  It’s back to the 80/20 rule. If the planning stages of a campaign are executed correctly, the team can monitor, tweak campaigns along the way, and watch the results.  The fastest car will never reach the destination in time if it’s not pointed in the right direction.

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Social Media Marketing
FineTuned will help create a plan of what channels to join, and how best to engage for your business.
Social Media Advertising
Launch targeted campaigns, showing the right message to the right people, at the right stage of their customer journey.
Email Marketing
Capture emails and nurture leads through their customer journey. Keep customers engaged, grow your business.
Website Analytics
See where leads are coming from and where/why customers are leaving the site before making a purchase.
Web Development
Need something simple and clean, like the website you see here?  We can help you start your digital journey.
Obtain important insight from your customers, as well as testimonials to promote your business.
Podcast Production
We have expertise in recording and editing podcasts, and live streaming podcasts across the largest platforms.
Establish yourself as a thought leader in your market, build trust, and reach new customers.
Influencer Management
FineTuned has experience contacting, negotiating, and managing influencers, growing your business' digital footprint.
Event Management
With decades of event experience, we can help manage digital and in-person presences at industry events.
Affiliate Marketing
Building out an impactful referral network with reputable industry players can help speed up your business' growth.
Graphic Design
Need a new logo, a series of photos edited, or a video produced?  We have the tools for the job.
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Our Story

FineTuned’s president and founder CJ Smith has been working in agencies and marketing for over 15 years.  He noticed that when it comes to small businesses, specialized agencies can create fragmentation, and overhead.  Managing the outsourcing of work across too many stakeholders was making his job difficult and cumbersome.

He also saw the opportunity to leverage his relationships with creative professionals to offer a unique breadth of services, for small and medium-sized businesses alike.

In this day and age, people want to know who they work with and trust them.  Smith takes this approach to build out a unique offering, of carefully vetted, marketing and creative services.

Current and Past Clients


"CJ and team are consistent, multidisciplinary marketers which I trust greatly.  FineTuned has been my go to choice for marketing services when I need a project executed with quality, on time, and with low oversight."
Mike Pehel
Michael Pehel Founder, MJN Associates
"CJ has transformed my business from having virtually no social presence at all, to strategically communicating our brand, showcasing our business’ values, and creatively highlighting our products and services."
Baron Adelmann Headshot - Techniquex
Baron Adelmann President, Techniquex
“I had the pleasure of working with CJ for more than 5 years in my capacity as a strategy consultant. CJ partnered closely with me on marketing strategy, specifically social marketing, and consistently delivered thoughtful guidance coupled with effective execution. He is committed, talented, and a tremendous addition to any marketing team.”
tim manning headshot short
Tim Manning CMO